Recessed Lighting Installation

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Recessed Lighting Installation In Enoch & Cedar City
We offer installation of new recessed lighting or replacement of older systems

Illuminate your living spaces with the sleek elegance of recessed lighting, an ideal solution for both style and functionality. At Ampere Electric, we specialize in the installation, repair, and replacement of recessed lighting systems, offering efficient solutions to illuminate your home with a modern and unobtrusive touch.

Recessed lighting is a versatile choice that complements any home decor and can be strategically installed to highlight art, brighten up your workspace, or create a warm ambiance in your dining or living room. This stylish lighting option is also perfect for rooms with low ceilings, as it sits flush with the surface, creating a streamlined look without compromising the illumination quality.

Trust our team of experienced electricians to deliver top-tier recessed lighting services, ensuring your home shines in the best light. Illuminate your lifestyle with us - your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Ampere Electric is a full service electrical contractor serving the Enoch and Cedar City area. We specialize in the installation of recessed lighting and recessed lighting repair or replacement in homes and businesses. Whether you’re looking to add some task lighting to a specific room, highlight some art work, or create a specific ambience the Ampere Electric team will be able to provide you with recessed lighting solutions.

Recessed Lighting Installations

Recessed lighting also known as can lighting, or pot lights, or flush mounted lighting, is a great way to add task lighting or ambient lighting into your home or business. Recessed lighting is very popular for kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and even in commercial settings such as restaurants, retail displays, and professional offices.

Recessed Lighting Tips

  • Recessed lights should be located a minimum of two feet from the nearest wall.
  • Spacing can be determined depending on the diameter of the light fixture.
  • Recessed lighting can be used to highlight specific items or areas of your home.
  • Recessed lighting works well for specific tasks like cooking or reading.

Why Choose Ampere Electric for Your Recessed Lighting Installation?

When you choose to work with Ampere Electric to install your recessed lighting you’re partnering with a small, local, company that has extensive experience in the electrical trades. We are licensed by the state of Utah and insured to work on the electrical systems inside of your home or building.

As an owner/operated company you can have the peace-of-mind knowing that any electrical work we complete will meet or exceed local electrical safety codes. The work we do will be safe, clean, and reliable and we also back all of our work with a 1 year warranty on our workmanship.

If you’d like to receive an estimate to install new recessed lighting give us a call at 435-868-1940 or fill out our online contact form and someone will be getting right back to you.

Where Do We Install Recessed Lighting?

Here are several applications where recessed lighting is commonly used in modern homes

Living Rooms: Recessed lighting is often used in living rooms to create a warm and welcoming ambiance. It's perfect for highlighting artwork, fireplaces, or any architectural feature. Adjustable recessed lights can be oriented towards different parts of the room for mood or task lighting.

Kitchens: Recessed lighting is incredibly useful in kitchens where it's crucial to have well-lit work areas. They are often installed over countertops, the sink, and the stove. They can also be used in combination with pendant lights above an island.

Bathrooms: Recessed lights are used in bathrooms to provide bright light for tasks like applying makeup or shaving. They are also used to highlight features such as a beautiful bathtub or a vanity. Wet-rated recessed lights can be used inside the shower.

Bedrooms: Recessed lights in bedrooms can offer soft, ambient lighting, perfect for relaxing. They can also be used for task lighting, for example, above the bedside tables for reading.

Hallways and Corridors: Recessed lights spaced evenly in hallways and corridors can create a visually pleasing effect and ensure these areas are adequately lit.

Home Offices: Recessed lights can be installed in a home office to provide sufficient light for working. They can be directed towards a desk or a bookshelf to increase functionality.

Outdoor Areas: Recessed lights can be used in covered patios, porches, or decks to create a relaxing and inviting outdoor living space. They are also used in soffits to highlight the architecture of the home.

Closets: For walk-in closets or large wardrobes, recessed lighting can be a practical solution for illuminating the space, making it easier to locate items.

Stairways: Recessed lighting can be installed in the walls adjacent to the stairs or in the ceiling above the stairs to provide safety lighting and add aesthetic appeal.

Media Rooms or Home Theaters: Recessed lighting can be dimmed or switched off during the movie, while still providing enough light for people to move around when needed.

Basements: With typically low ceilings, basements can benefit significantly from recessed lighting, which can brighten up the area without taking up headspace.

Remember, in all these applications, it's essential to consider the size of the space, the color of the walls and ceilings, and the desired lighting effect before choosing the number and placement of your recessed lights. We can help you make sure your lighting plan meets all safety and building codes.

Questions About Recessed Lighting?

Recessed lighting can be installed in various ceiling types, including drywall, plaster, and even concrete. However, it's essential to consider the space above the ceiling (attic, insulation, or structural elements) which can impact the type of recessed light used and the complexity of the installation.

The number of recessed lights required in a room depends on the room's size, ceiling height, color scheme, purpose of the room, and the amount of natural light it receives. As a rough estimate, if you're looking for ambient lighting, you might aim for one recessed light for every 4 to 6 square feet of ceiling space.

Yes, LED (Light Emitting Diode) options are widely available for recessed lighting. These lights use significantly less energy and have a longer lifespan compared to traditional incandescent or halogen bulbs.

Yes, you can use recessed lights in a bathroom, but make sure the fixtures are rated for wet or damp locations. It's recommended to have the lights installed by a professional to ensure all electrical safety standards are met, considering the proximity to water.

Yes, it's often possible to replace existing light fixtures with recessed lights. However, the complexity of the project depends on the existing wiring, the type of ceiling, and the space above the ceiling.

Yes, many recessed lights are dimmable, especially if they're LED. However, ensure that both the light fixture and the light bulb are labeled as being dimmable, and you have a compatible dimmer switch installed.

Absolutely. If your ceiling has insulation, you must use "IC Rated" fixtures, designed to be in direct contact with insulation safely. If there's no insulation, "Non-IC Rated" fixtures can be used.

Flickering or cycling on and off can be a sign of several issues, including a problem with the light bulb, the wiring, or the thermal sensor within the light fixture. If changing the bulb doesn't solve the problem, it's best to consult with an electrician.

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